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Fall Concessions Stand Shifts

Thank you for volunteering to work in the Boosters Concession Stand.

Proceeds support every Bruin sport, but we can only cover games in the main gym.

Volunteers in the Concession Stand earn $20 per shift donated to the BHS Team's Account. 

If you cannot attend your selected shift, please attempt to find a replacement.


If you cannot cover the rescheduled time please email us at


Event end times are estimated.

In the event that a game is postponed due to weather, your shift will carryover to the rescheduled date.
Please note, if we do not have enough volunteers for an event, the concession stand can only offer an extremely limited menu!

Again, THANK YOU for volunteering!!!


The Broadneck Athletics Boosters Club has several planning committees: Membership Merchandise, Concessions, Sponsorship, Craft Bazaar, Mulch Sale, & Communication.  If you would like to work on any of these committees complete our contact us form & let us know

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